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Jan 6, 2013 8:30 PM

Students, Faculty Remember Clinton County Teacher Killed In Plane Crash

The Clinton County community continues to mourn the death of two men who died in a plane crash in Florida on Friday. One of them, Michael Anders, was a high school Spanish teacher.

A memorial was held at Clinton County High School Monday where students and faculty gathered to remember Anders.

"I just want him to be there and pop out and say, 'como estas?' You know?," says Jacob Williams, a student. Williams says Anders was an inspiration to him. "He wants you to give a 110%, and so on the Spanish final I wanted to get a 100 on it the whole year. I just remember him saying, 'You made it to the top.'"

Those would be the last words Anders said to Williams. At the memorial, Williams played a song on his memory. The principal called it a fitting tribute.

"Mr Anders was a very happy person. I don't think he'd want us sitting around crying," says Sheldon Harlan, the principal.

Students and staff say Anders loved to tell jokes and was very involved with school activities like golf and chess club. He also had his pilot's license.

The 57-yr-old was flying the small plane on Friday when technical problems brought the aircraft down.

"Many times he would bring in Mexican food for the kids to eat and to sample, so they're down in the cafeteria now cooking Mexican food just as a way of remembering him," says Harlan.

Come Monday morning, students will be able to take time and reflect on Mr. Anders and grieve if they need to. Counselors will be on hand for students who need them.

All three people on board the plane died in the crash on Friday evening. Authorities say the cause remains under investigation.


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