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Nov 15, 2012 10:52 PM

Students' Fall Violently Ill From Energy Drinks On A Field Trip

It's a growing trend these days, energy drinks. Now the Food and Drug Administration has released information citing the possible involvement of the caffeinated drinks in 13 deaths. We spoke to one family in Lincoln County who said students were allowed to purchase energy drinks on a field trip, only to become violently ill.

Eighth grader, Jessica White said her friends were buying Rock Star, Amp, Full Throttle, Monster and even an energy chewing gum all while on a school field trip to EKU.

"I had two drinks and then one piece of gum equals one energy drink a piece, so I probably had about four," stated White.

While White said the teachers were letting students purchase the drinks, district officials said otherwise. According to the district, the teachers were unaware, and once they found out they immediately took the drinks away.

"When we got on the bus, they were searching the bus and they took them and put them in a cooler. Then when we got back to school they gave them (the energy drinks) back to us," explained White.

District officials, Ron Deatherage and Pam Hart said the students were never given the energy drinks back and their main concern was keeping the kids safe. White said after falling violently ill students were immediately taken to the school nurse.

"I got really shaky, my knees started jerking. I got really light-headed and just couldn't calm down and sit still at all," exclaimed White.

White's mom picked her up from school and took her to the hospital, with a pulse of more than 130 beats per minute.

"Woke up this morning feeling sick so we called the doctors office and he said it was due to a caffeine overdose and it was due to an irregular heartbeat," stated Loretta White, Jessica's mother.

After this experience, White said she doesn't plan to drink any energy drink any time soon.

The district said they contacted poison control right away, knowing energy drinks can have adverse health effects.


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