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Feb 5, 2013 10:32 PM

Super Tuesday Tornado Anniversary

Five years ago, more than 50 people lost their lives in what was at the time, the deadliest tornado outbreak since 1974. It was known as the "Super Tuesday" outbreak, as many of the states hit were holding primary elections.

It's a reminder that tornadoes don't just happen in the spring, they can happen at any time.

The storm raged for more than 15 hours: from Tuesday into early Wednesday morning. When all was said and done, 57 people were dead, nine of them, in Kentucky.

Four people were killed by an EF-3 tornado that tore through Allen County, Kentucky. Farther west in Muhlenberg County, three more people killed.

Fifty-seven people lost their lives in four states.

In Franklin, Fayette and Harrison counties there was more damage, though no one died. In Bath County, Bo McGuire remembers that night well:

"it sounded like the whole roof of our house was going to tear off. It went over top of us and it touched down about four miles on down the road from here."

The next morning Stepstone Road, where McGuire still lives, looked like a war zone. His mother-in-law lost two barns. An EF-1 tornado was to blame.

"Tin and wood from the barn was just everywhere," McGuire says.

He says when he sees these images, when he's reminded of the deadly anniversary, he remembers how he and his family were spared. And how they worked together to get neighbors back on their feet.

"You just have to pull together with family and friends... just help your neighbor."


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