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Oct 30, 2012 5:08 PM by Josh Breslow

Superstorm Sandy Leaves Lexington Business Without Phone Service

Phone companies were left scrambling to restore service in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy. The outages even managed to affect at least one Central Kentucky business.

"We just didn't really ever think this would happen," said Frank Shoaf, the president of Central Business Systems, a company located on Moore Drive in Lexington.

"We came in this morning, just expecting another regular day. Looked at the phone systems and they were all out," Shoaf said.

Shoaf said the company would normally answer about 80 to 100 calls for sales and service. It wasn't just a problem for his Lexington-based company, but also at his other locations in Louisville, Kentucky and Charleston, West Virginia.

The company's phones are hosted out of New York, in an area tormented by Hurricane Sandy. The lines were left down and customers couldn't reach the company that sells and repairs copiers, printers, and other equipment.

"It just tells you, you're not so much local anymore with everything. That we're all connected in many ways," Shoaf said. "We're thinking of the people in New York and all up and down the coast and we want to be respectful. They've been through a tremendous challenge and we're trying to be patient, too."

The patience apparently paid off for Shoaf and his company. By early afternoon, the phone lines were back up and it was business as usual.

Shoaf tells LEX 18, if anything like this ever happens, you can reach Central Business Systems for repairs and orders through their website:


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