Sep 27, 2012 10:26 PM

Suspected Serial Robber Arrested

One man, charged with ten robberies.

Twenty-one year old Aaron Jackson was on the run for about a month. Police say he was robbing gas stations and hotels, always eluding police, until Thursday.

Police say for the most part, Jackson's pattern was to rob a business, take a day off, rob another business, take a day off, and he did that for a month. All ten robberies happened within a few miles of each other, off North Broadway.

When he was arrested Thursday afternoon, Jackson went down kicking and screaming, as they say. Even in the back seat of the squad car, Jackson put up a fight, trying to push his way out.

Police tell LEX 18 he was already in custody, when he ran from officers on New Circle. A police spokesperson tells us, Jackson was nearby showing police evidence related to a robbery, when he took off running, already in handcuffs. They were able to tackle him outside Donatos.

Jackson tried to fight police, and he didn't give up. Fitting, since police say this is the man who kept at it all through the month of September, robbing business after business.

"He had hit so many places so frequently, I was wondering if he was ever going to slip up," says Terry Stewart.

Stewart works at the Shell on West New Circle. Police say Jackson robbed this convenience store twice in the last three weeks.

"My workers can go on going about their business so they won't feel worried about someone robbing them again," he says.

Same goes for workers at the Red Roof Inn, robbed twice, the Ramada Inn, and the Days Inn, all off Broadway, all robbed this month. Jackson is charged with each one.

Workers at the hotels told LEX 18 off camera they're relieved.

"They finally did it. It's over! Which is good. We can all relax a little now," Stewart says.

It's not just convenience store workers and hotel attendants breathing easy. Police say Jackson robbed a pizza delivery guy here on Lin Wal, and another person walking along North Broadway.

Add them up, he's charged with ten robberies and thefts.

Now, Stewart says New Circle is:

"A lot safer in the neighborhood. People don't have to be worried or be cautious about strangers coming around or being robbed."

Jackson is facing at least ten charges related to these robberies.


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