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May 15, 2013 6:15 PM by Josh Breslow

Teen Suspect's Father Says Shooting Stemmed From Arm-Wrestling That "Got Nasty"

The father of a Lincoln County teenager charged in a Tuesday night shooting says it all started with arm-wrestling that quickly got out of hand.

18-year-old Adam Alford was arrested and charged with first-degree assault following the incident at Alford's home on KY Highway 1194 in the Moreland area of Lincoln County.

Wednesday afternoon, investigators released a copy of the call made to 911 by the victim, Faren Rowland, saying it came from the Dollar General on US 127, where Rowland drove after he had been hit.

Dispatcher: "Bluegrass 911, what is your emergency?"
Caller: "I'm up here at this little store and I've been shot by a shotgun."

Dispatcher: "Where are you shot at, Mr. Rowland?"
Caller: "Uh, shot me right in the face and the chest."
Dispatcher: "Chest and face?"
Caller: "Yeah."

Dispatcher: "How bad is it? How bad have you been shot, honey?"
Caller: "Uh, I ain't been shot that bad."

About a minute in to the call to 911, Rowland stopped answering and dispatchers said he likely collapsed.

"He's a good kid. I mean, he's just an all-around good kid," said Denny Alford, the father of the 18-year-old suspect, who also identified himself as a close, longtime friend of the victim.

Alford described his son as "shy" and "friendly," saying the boy suffers from a "mental handicap."

"It started out as arm-wrestling. One word led to another and a scuffle and it got nasty," the elder Alford said of Tuesday night's situation. "I think he meant to just scare him off, but I think he misjudged and got a little too close. Because I was right there too, and I don't think he would kill me, his own dad, ya know?"

Denny Alford told LEX 18 that, at last check, Faren Rowland is still in intensive care at UK Hospital, where he was airlifted after the incident.

Adam Alford is expected in court Thursday morning.


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