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Dec 29, 2011 6:35 PM by Mary Jo Perino

Terrence Needs To Toughen Up

Terrence Jones was back on the court Wednesday night, but not all the way back.

Jones scored nine points in his return, but it was what he didn't do defensively that had his coach a little perturbed. Jones admits that he favored his pinky finger a little too much, despite what his coaches told him.

The last two weeks for Jones have been frustrating.

"It's just been different with the injury. Not being able to go out and play with my team like I want to right after a tough game like that was real difficult. Then having to sit out two games was hard but I'm back playing now so I'm just hoping to get better," said Jones.

Calipari agrees that Jones needs to get better. He needs to be a different player than what he's been since that trip to Indiana.

"He needs to step on the gas. He's got to play like he's fighting for minutes. If he does that he'll be fine. If he just moves around the perimeter and doesn't come up with balls come on, think about it. He's got to play like he's fighting for minutes," said Calipari.

Jones knows Cal's not happy with the way he played. He knows things have to change and do so in a hurry by Saturday afternoon. He knows if he doesn't, he'll hear it from his coach.

"I'm not babying these guys, I'm not. I've never babied a player. Not one. And I'm not babying these guys. We've got to start playing better. We have some guys out there that aren't playing rough enough," said Calipari.



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