Burglary Investigation

Oct 8, 2012 11:11 PM

Thousands Of Dollars In Donations For Ky. Church Stolen

Two Iowa ministers were on their way to a church in Pike County, when their trailer hauling thousands of dollars in donations was stolen. In that trailer was food, clothing, furniture, even christmas presents for less fortunate kids.

The iowa missionaries stopped at a hotel outside of Indianapolis Friday night on their way to their final destination: Elkhorn City, Kentucky. In hotel surveillance video, you're about to see someone drive off in the couple's truck, pulling that trailer, just two and a half hours before they planned to hit the road.

Connie Mertens and her husband were pulling that U-Haul

"It makes me sad that someone would steal from families in need because they wanted a truck," Mertens tells us.

That U-Haul was packed with everything from baby cribs to winter coats to christmas presents. The Mertens, and other families at their church in Iowa, have been collecting donations since March.

Seventy-five families at the Light House Ministry Center in Pike County would get those gifts. Saturday morning, everything was gone.

"I couldn't hardly keep my breakfast down when I thought about all the kids that aren't going to get these things," Mertens says. "That someone would steal what little these kids would be given for Christmas to keep their feet warm in the winter, blankets, and food, they could steal it. And they have no concept of what they took."

The Mertens are begging the thieves to return the truck and trailer and they won't press charges.

"We just are praying that whoever did this will realize that it was not something valuable that you could resell, it was something for people who are really struggling to make ends meet," Connie Mertens says.

A few personal items, such as the couple's laptop, camera, and family bibles were also stolen. At this point, we're told police have no leads.

The truck has an Iowa license plate. The trailer has a Colorado plate. If you have any information about what happened, call police.


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