Drug Bust

Sep 10, 2012 5:16 PM

Three Arrested After One-Step Meth Lab Discovered In Berea

Three people were arrested Monday after a meth lab was discovered in the area of the Indian Fort Theater in Berea.

On Monday afternoon, the Madison County Sheriff' Office received a complaint of suspicious activity and acting on that complaint went to investigate the allegations. Upon arriving at Indian Fort Theater, deputies found three suspicious people carrying a five-gallon bucket that had a strong odor of ammonia, a chemical used in illicit manufacture of meth. Officers then found a one-step meth lab. Deputies were able to find enough chemicals to produce one quarter gram of meth.

Arrested and charged with manufacturing meth were Ricky Adams, 44, Martha Gallagher, 41, and Timothy Baker, 47, all of Berea.

All three were held in the Madison County Detention Center.


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