Dec 8, 2012 7:17 PM

Tire Business Destroyed By Fire

A family-owned tire and hardware shop in Taylor County burned to the ground Saturday morning.

The owner of the business, Tony Knifley, says the building was built in the 40's. Knifley had already been at work for a little over an hour when he noticed something was wrong.

"When I went to the back it was the glowing, the ceiling was just glowing. So I ran back up front and called 911," remembers Knifley. "It was coming up out of the ceiling. It went in a matter of minutes from being just a roof-type burning to started getting engulfed."

Firefighters arrived on the scene before 6:30 in the morning to the already burning building. "The tires themselves put out a lot of black, toxic smoke and then you have the soot to deal with a lot of black soot," says Ronnie Dooley with Campbellsville Fire and Rescue.

Firefighters did manage to contain the fire to just the tire store, a success considering all the nearby businesses and homes. Knifley had a big facility and in it, a lot of inventory. "We had two floors there that we had tires in, both new and used tires. They just went up, everything," says Knifley.

Knifley's business was insured and he says he will try to clean up and rebuild. A cause of the fire hasn't been identified.


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