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Sep 13, 2012 10:29 AM

Tomato, Zucchini and Onion Frittata (September 13, 2012)


1 large onion, sliced
3 tablespoons butter
12 ounces zucchini, (one large) thinly sliced
S & P
5 eggs
3/4 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme
1 ripe tomato, thinly sliced
4 ounces feta cheese, crumbled


Heat a medium sized non stick pan over medium heat, add the butter. When bubbling, add the onions with a pinch of sugar. Saute until the onion is browned and carmalized, around 10 minutes. Add the sliced zucchini and season with salt and pepper. Cook zucchini and onion mixture until zucchini is soft. In a large bowl, beat the eggs with the thyme. Preheat the broiler with the rack in the lower third of the oven. Pour the eggs over the cooked zucchini and top with sliced tomato. Sprinkle with feta cheese and cook for about 6 minutes. Then place the skillet directly under the broiler and continue to cook for for an additional 2 to 3 minutes, until lightly browned. Cook for 10 minutes, serve warm or at room temp.


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