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May 20, 2013 11:47 PM

Tornado Hits Close To Home For Nicholasville Woman

For many in Kentucky, the tornadoes in Oklahoma hit close to home. Aimee Nielson, who lives in Nicholasville, watched the images closely as the tornado tore apart Moore, Oklahoma, the place she once called home.

"Just knowing, being from that area, and just seeing everything on TV as it happened, it was very emotional and we were in tears and just worried," says Nielson.

Worried about her mother who works in Moore, Oklahoma.

"Obviously I was very worried. I was glad when she posted on Facebook 'I'm in the shelter,' so I felt very good about that and that everything was going to be okay but still not being able to hear their voice it's been very difficult," says Nielson.

For Nielson, it's déjà vu. Once again forced to watch as a tornado devastates Moore, knowing family is in its path.

"I just can't believe it's happened there again. I mean it's the same place. From every thing I've seen it looks worse," she says.

In may of 1999, an E5 twister killed 36 people flattening some of the same communities. Then, just like now, Nielson could do nothing but watch on TV.

"I was just moving in and starting a job at UK that Monday and the storms hit and I couldn't get a hold of my family then," she says.

This time Nielson was able to get in contact with her mom, who is safe. But she says she can't help but think about all those families who aren't so lucky.

"You know love among family is what they're relying on now and they do need a lot prayer," she says.


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