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Oct 10, 2012 6:33 PM by Josh Breslow

True Blue Fan Offers Up Free Tickets To Big Blue Madness

A Jessamine County teen who credits the Kentucky Wildcats for giving him the will to live is giving back to True Blue fans in a special way.

15-year-old Reese Kemp's room is decked out in Cats gear. Autographed posters, a signed baseball bat, you name it.

"They just like lifted my spirits up from awful to loving life and stuff," Reese said of the Cats. "I think how the Kentucky basketball players and Kentucky athletics has given to me to raise me from not even wanting to live to where I love life."

In and out of hospitals, the West Jessamine High School student was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis before the age of two.

During one hospital stay, Reese was greeted by some unexpected guests.

"I got some visitors from the baseball team and I thought that was awesome," Reese said.

Not long after, Kentucky's star basketball players were there, too. So when Reese camped out this year for Big Blue Madness tickets, he had an idea.

"Why don't I give two to give back to the Big Blue Nation community? So that's what I started doing, having people write in and see if they could win the tickets," Reese said.

Reese will give away two sets of two tickets to the first official practice of the season to some of the people who write him and tell him why they deserve to go.

"There's a lot of stories that touch my heart just cause there's some stories that you can put your place in and see how they feel and there's some stories, you don't even know how they get through it, so you want to give back to them," Reese said. "I want to give back to someone who deserves to be able to get their spirits up and to be able to have a good time and just enjoy life, like they've made me."

Reese will select the winners Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. To enter, send an e-mail detailing why you deserve the tickets to Big Blue Madness. Reese's e-mail address is reese.kemp@yahoo.com.

Big Blue Madness is Friday night.


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