University Of Kentucky

Dec 12, 2012 5:05 PM

UK Campus Police Officer Fired After Confrontation With Student

A UK campus police officer has been fired as the result of a hidden webcam video which shows a confrontation between him, another campus officer and a student in his dorm room.

The university has opened an investigation after the two officers were caught searching the student's dorm room without permission on camera.

The student, Graham Gaddis, hit record just before two officers come to his door because eyewitnesses claimed he had dumped liquor bottles out of his window. The student refuses the officers entrance into the dorm room, demands to see a warrant, but the officers say they don't need one.

The argument escalates when the officers go in and search his refrigerator. One of the officers, David Thompson, touched Gaddis as they entered, and he was the officer who was fired. The confrontation got heated and the language gets a little nasty.

Gaddis is caught on the video saying, "Get out of my room! Where is the alcohol? Don't touch me. There is no f----ing alcohol. Open the fridge. No, you open the f---ing fridge because you can't without my f---ing consent. Oh yeah? Nice. There is no fourth amendment. Oh wow, look at all of that, you see, the ranch dressing, all of the ranch dressing there." The two officers then leave the dorm room.

According to student housing policies, university personnel, including university police, may enter a student's residence hall without permission for various reasons. However, they do not have the right to search the room, including that refrigerator, without permission.

The university is continuing to investigate.


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