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Mar 26, 2014 7:54 PM

UK Fan Gets '2014 National Champions' Tattoo

Many True Blue Fans are showing their Wildcat pride but one man has made his permanent.

He's already crowned UK this year's national champions with a True Blue tattoo.

Tyler Black said living a care-free life has led him to do some pretty spontaneous things.

"There are only two things I take serious in life, that's my mortgage and my job," he said.

And that's why it was a no brainer when Black decided to show the Wildcats exactly how much he believes in them with some ink.

"I could've shaved my head but hair grows back but tattoos are there they're permanent it shows you're serious about what you believe," he said.

Black takes UK basketball so serious, he's already named them the 2014 National Champions.

"Some of my friends told me it wasn't a very good idea that I was crazy that I lost my mind things like that," he said.

But he still believes the team can take it all the way, so much he got inked up before they even made it to the Sweet 16. The idea for this art came days before the SEC Tournament.

"When I did I tried not to think too much about it and I just went for it but afterwards I thought wow did I really just get this done?" he said.

But so far Black has no regrets, just a bit of anticipation every time he watches a game.

"When they lose I feel like I'm losing when they win I feel like I'm winning with them I mean I love UK basketball," he said.

If the Wildcats do win the championship, Black plants to make the tattoo more elaborate and if they lose he said at least it'll be a conversation piece.


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