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Feb 15, 2011 11:46 PM by Alan Cutler

UK Fans Go After Renardo Sidney

If you didn't like it when Mississippi State fans jumped all over DeMarcus Cousins' cell phone last season, shouldn't you also not like it when Kentucky fans did the same thing to Renardo Sidney?

Sidney, Mississippi State's big man took a lot of garbage from Kentucky fans. Somehow they got his cell phone. There were calls, there were texts, it was nasty for about 24 hours leading up to the game, but Dee Bost, Mississippi State's guard told LEX 18 Sports that there was nothing racial. True Blue fans were trying to upset him. Bost didn't think it had any effect at all.

Sidney scores the first bucket on a power move, and Mississippi State forgets about him.

An NBA scout, they don't like to be quoted was thinking the obvious. Why didn't Mississippi State give Sidney, who looks every bit of 6-feet-10 inches and 280 pounds, get the ball for the first four minutes or until he ran out of gas, which he did.

Sidney finished with 11 points and 8 rebounds in only 28 minutes.

Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury did Kentucky a favor. He gets a technical at the end of the half and the crowd really got into it.

Stansbury's chess move made sense. With three seconds left in the half, Brian Bryant was put in the game to foul Brandon Knight. Stansbury just wanted to kill the clock so UK couldn't get a good shot off. Plus Mississippi State had fouls to give as long as Knight wasn't in the act of shooting.

The second time Bryant fouled Knight, it was a shooting foul.

"I didn't help our team any with that last three seconds before halftime," says Stansbury. "Don't you guys even try to ask me anything to say anything. I'm not. I learned my lesson. OK."

In other words if he opens his mouth, the SEC might hit him hard in his wallet.

Cal was smart, since Stansbury told his player to foul Brandon Knight, Cal did the obvious.

"I told Brandon to shoot the ball, they are going to foul you," says Cal who started getting really loud.

"I told him to shoot it. He didn't shoot the first one. So then I looked at him, I said do you understand what I'm telling you to do. They are going to foul you. Shoot the ball! They almost didn't call it."

Knight says it was his fault.

"The first time Coach Calipari told me to shoot the ball because he knew they were going to foul, and I failed to do so, and it kind of caught me off guard," says Knight who lead everyone with 24 points and 7 assists.

"I wasn't really focusing, and the next time he said ‘do you understand? This time they are going to foul you.' And I was like ‘okay, I got you coach.' He tried to foul me, and as I saw him coming I just tried to throw it up towards the rim. The ref saw that and gave us the foul shots."

"Yeah, that was a big play," says Terrence Jones. "Three free throws and a technical. A big play."

Terrence showed some toughness Cal is looking for with 17 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals.

"Yeah, it was a fun game, going through adversity losing at first and not starting as well and coming back as a team and having to fight together and win just was real fun tonight."

Cats remain perfect at Rupp under Cal beating Mississippi State 85-79.


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