Oct 28, 2011 10:08 PM

UPDATE - Mercer County Sheriff's Daughter Killed In Crash

Kentucky State Police say Alyssa Kelty was not only a Mercer County High School student and cheerleader, but also the daughter of Sheriff Ernie Kelty. His daughter's car collided with an SUV on Perryville Road near Dry Branch Road around 4 p.m. Friday.

Alyssa died on scene - at a stop in the road known for wrecks, some so bad, locals call it ‘dead man's' curve. One woman living nearby has proof of hundreds of wrecks and she wants to do something to stop them before anyone else gets killed.

"It's just a horrible, horrible place to be," said Beverly Moss. "They have went through our fence numerous times here."

So many wrecks outside her home, Moss started keeping track. She writes each down on the calendar - so far, she's documented 216 of them since she moved in nine years ago.

"I said yesterday, it's going to take someone getting killed before they'll fix this road," said Moss.

Another day, another accident later that State Police said happened when Alyssa veered off and back on the road nearly sliding head-on with an SUV. She died at the spot, still littered with glass from all the others. The 17-year-old Mercer County High's cheerleading squad - absent from Friday's football game and her recently-elected sheriff dad - consoled by colleagues at the crash scene.

"It's definitely something that we deal with this often but with it being somebody that we know personally, it makes it tough," said Tpr. Paul Blanton.

Blanton said Alyssa wasn't wearing a seat belt and was going to visit friends when the wet roads probably contributed to this latest wreck that if Beverly Moss had her way, would be the last.

"They have been out here measuring, writing stuff on the roads, but what exactly they're going to do, I don't have a clue, but they're going to have do something," Moss said.

The mother and her two young children in the SUV were taken to a local hospital, but they only had minor injuries, according to KSP.


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