Police Investigation

Sep 4, 2012 12:23 PM

Vehicles Inside Downtown Lexington Parking Garage Vandalized

Lexington Police are investigating after cars were damaged inside a downtown parking garage, and they say it isn't the first time it's happened.

People who park in the Victorian Square parking garage say enough is enough. There is damage ranging from windows smashed to a car that was keyed. One owner, Wayne Swope, says it's the second time in the last month his car has been vandalized. "The damage was done," he said.

Vandals also smashed the hood of Swope's company car. His company often leaves vehicles parked in the garage overnight. Swope says that's when the vandals hit. They recently kicked in the door of the Yukon and keyed another truck so badly it had to be re-painted at the cost of nearly five thousand dollars.

Swope and other victims say the garage needs to increase security overnight. This is also where many people park for Opera House events and UK games.

"I realize I park here at my own risk but to me there should be some kind of security to be able to prevent that element from coming in and destroying the vehicles parked here," said Swope.

Swope and others say if something isn't done and soon they will park somewhere else.


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