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Oct 10, 2013 1:20 AM by Josh Breslow

Victims' Family Reacts To Minister Arrested In Boyle County Triple Murder

The family of a couple murdered along with a friend last month in their Boyle County business says they are grateful for an arrest in the case.

Kenneth Allen Keith, a Burnside pastor was arrested Wednesday, accused in the September shooting deaths of Mike Hockensmith, Angela Hockensmith, and Daniel Smith inside "ABC Gold, Games, and More" in Danville.

Keith lives in Pulaski County, where he operates his own pawn shop, "Gold Rush Gold Buyers" on Monticello Street in Somerset.

"This is beyond my comprehension. A man of the cloth doing this," Barbara Lewis, the mother of Mike Hockensmith told LEX 18. "My son had preached recently at his church and I had been to the church several time before with him."

"We never would've thought it would be someone like this who'd do something like that. Especially in front of two small children. Children that he knew," said Duke Lewis, Mike's father.

Barbara Lewis said Mike Hockensmith worked for Keith before taking over the business where the shootings happened.

Lewis said Keith even introduced himself to her and the rest of the family at the funeral.

"It's really a shock that he would come to the funeral and introduce himself to me and tell me how much they were loved and him knowing what he'd done," Lewis said.

While Angela's mother, Charlene Worley feels blessed for an arrest in the case, she's not sure she considers it closure.

"Nothing will ever be closed because he took the life of my only child and my son-in-law, who was like a son to me," Worley told LEX 18.

Making the family even angrier, a post on Facebook by the murder suspect around the time of the killings: "No sleep at all. I am just in shock right now over this loss of three great people. We never know what is coming ..."

"I'd like for this man to know that we are praying for his salvation. He's gotta face God. Not me," Barbara Lewis said.

"Mr. Keith, I hope you turn your life over to God before it's too late because when you bow your knees to Jesus, you can't lie to him, 'cause he knows the truth. He knows it all," said Duke Lewis.

Family members of the Hockensmiths have planned a candlelight vigil to honor their lives. That will be 5 p.m. on October 19th at the circle in downtown Somerset. The public is invited to attend.


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