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Jan 5, 2013 10:17 PM

Vigil To Honor Newtown Victims Neighbors Gun Show

A vigil for the victims of the Connecticut elementary school shooting was held Saturday afternoon in downtown Lexington.

It took place next to the Lexington gun and knife show. A coincidence? Well that depends on who you ask.

Each candle represents a name. "Religious leaders from the community (are here) and they're each going to remember a particular child or teacher," says Woody Berry with Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church.

Reverend Berry helped organize the memorial and he insists the vigil is not a protest of the Lexington gun and knife show that was being held right across the street.

"This is a public place and there's lots of things going on here. We like that it's where the children are out there skating on the ice skating rink. We like that the gun and knife show is happening. We're not anti-gun in any way or against the people who are there," says Berry.

But at times during the memorial, it took a decidedly anti-gun tone. Many religious leaders used the neighboring gun show to make a point. Many vigil attendees said they weren't surprised.

"I don't think the timing or the location were coincidental," says Robert Blitch, vigil attendee.

Blitch attends the same church as Reverend Berry. He also considers himself a gun-enthusiast. He believes there's no reason they can't be gun shows and memorials. "I've got four kids and on the day that that tragedy happened, I was sick. Driving home, I felt it. Just like the whole community felt it," says Blitch. "But at the same time I don't think it was any attempt to take away from what they're doing and clearly they didn't try to take away from what we were doing here."

Peacefully, the two very different events existed side by side on Saturday. There was no counter-showing by gun show attendees.


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