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Oct 26, 2012 7:12 PM by Josh Breslow

Whitley County Mobile Home Collapse Victim Talks To LEX 18

A Whitley County woman who nearly lost her life earlier this week when a mobile home collapsed on top of her and her ex-husband tells LEX 18 she just feels lucky to be alive.

The scene unfolded Wednesday afternoon on Colonel Hollow in the Rockholds community, as Jacky Perry and Roger Alsip were underneath the mobile home, setting it up so that their daughter could move in. It appears the cinder blocks holding the home gave way, trapping the two underneath.

"I literally thought I was dead," said Perry. "I mean, if you could imagine, I had a 14-by-70 mobile home sitting on top of me. How I'm here, I don't know."

From her living room couch, Perry describes what she heard right before it happened: "All we heard was a screeching noise, like a screeching 'KAPOW!' and the next thing I know, I'm looking like this and it's on top of me and I'm screaming."

"I hollered for my dad and he didn't answer me. I could hear mom because she was screaming," said Kristina Sutton, the victims' daughter.

Alsip had been impaled by part of the home, while Perry was trapped.

"I didn't think they were gonna get me out in enough time," Perry said.

The victims were rescued and flown to University Of Tennessee Hospital. Their injuries were serious, but survivable.

"I'm really thankful for it because I was really worried I lost them both and that's all I got," Sutton said.

"Instead of being home with my family, my family could be at the funeral home," Perry said.

Alsip remained hospitalized Friday with a crushed pelvis. Perry, who suffered six broken ribs, was released Thursday, allowed to recover at her home.

"I'm just really sore. And thankful to be alive. Really thankful to be alive," Perry said.

Alsip's family tells LEX 18 that he could released from UT Hospital as early as Saturday.


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