Scam Warning

Feb 25, 2013 4:42 PM

Whitley County Sheriff Warns Of Various Phone Scams

The Whitley County Sheriff's Department has received numerous complaints of phone calls determined to be scams.

In each case, a person received a phone call indicating he/she owed money for an outstanding speeding ticket. Other times, the scammer claims the person owes money on a loan that you may or may not have applied for. The scammer often threatens that if payment for the outstanding traffic citation or is not paid off, an arrest warrant for the person will be obtained.

Fines for traffic citations are not collected by a third party. In Kentucky, fines must be paid to the district / city clerk of the county or city where you received the citation.
If you owe money on a loan, the company through which you obtained the loan would file a civil action against you, after which you would be served with a civil summons.

If you receive any type of call that is questionable, ask for a callback number and do NOT give out any type of personal information, especially your Social Security Number or credit/debit card and bank account numbers.

The Whitley County Sheriff's Department stresses that you should not give out any personal information by phone, especially if the call is unsolicited.


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