Making A Difference

May 16, 2012 12:13 PM

Winchester Businessman Donates $200K Worth Of Items To Clark County Charity

It's an unbelievable story of generosity out of Clark County. A business owner took his hard-earned money to buy an amazing amount of clothing and supplies to help the less fortunate there.

His name is Rankin Paynter. He was buying items at a Clark County K-Mart before it closed for good. That's when he wondered where all the unsold items were going. A clerk said power buyers take it all, so he signed up to be one.

Six hours and four cash registers later, Paynter was the proud owner of a couple hundred thousand dollars worth of merchandise, all of which he donated to Clark County Community Services.

"What I see is people coming in my store, needy people sell their stuff," said Paynter, who owns a jewelry exchange business in Winchester. "It's bad nowadays. I just told (the clerk) lets just give it away to charity."


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