Home Invasion Robbery

Sep 5, 2012 11:10 PM

Winchester Police Arrest Suspect In Robbery-Stabbing

Neighbors say an elderly woman was stabbed several times and left for dead in her Winchester home on Dale Drive. Police have arrested the woman who they believe is the attacker.

Wednesday afternoon, detectives go in and out of apartment two on Dale Drive. Across the street, Zachary Myers watches, his mind still reeling from what happened around 4:30, when he answered the knock at the door.

"That's when the lady explained that a friend of hers assaulted her an that she had been bleeding like this for five hours, and that she was too weak to get her back door open," Myers says.

It was the woman across the street. She said she'd been robbed and beat up by someone she knew, someone she thought was a friend. Her prescription pills were taken.

"She had about four, five stab wounds to her back which were still bleeding," Myers says.

The details of what happened are hazy. But the woman says her attacker kept her in the house for hours. Somehow, she was escaped.

"I was really worried about her and I checked the upstairs, the upstairs was clear, but when I checked the downstairs, I thought I heard someone so I got the heck out of there," he says.

Winchester police have arrested and charged Nancy Spencer in the robbery, stabbing. We're told the victim is still in the hospital.

"I'm just really, really worried, because given her age, the fact that she takes meds, the fact that she's been stabbed, beaten up, yeah... she's lucky to be alive," says Myers.

Winchester police have not released the name of the suspect or the victim.


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