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Jan 23, 2014 8:47 PM

Woman Rescued From Icy Ditch In Boyle County

Two Boyle County public works employees said they were in the right place at the right time.

They were in Parksville Tuesday working to clear the snow off the road when they spotted a woman lying in a ditch.

Cheryl Pingleton was walking back from watching the neighbor's kid when she slipped on the ice.

"I thought maybe it was kids playing," Mark Gordon said. "She was in a lot of pain. She said ‘I know my leg's broke. I heard it pop.' She was lying there about15-20 minutes when we came by. I don't' know how long a person could last out in something like that."

Out in that area, cell phone service was spotty but the workers called to get an ambulance to the scene from their truck.

Even after helping Pingleton, Gordon wondered to himself days later about her fate.

"I thought if we hadn't come by she might have froze to death," he said.

The Pingleton family is grateful for the two public works employees who continue to deflect credit for what happened that day in the cold.

"We didn't do anything that anybody else wouldn't have done," Gordon said.

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