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Apr 6, 2013 11:50 PM

Woman Survives After Having Throat Cut

A Lexington woman says she's lucky to be alive after being attacked early Saturday morning. Patricia Lancaster says she was left for dead when a man cut her throat in her own bed.

Lancaster has about a dozen stitches on her neck, she says, from the knife of her upstairs neighbor, Chalres Bynum. "If he would have cut two more centimeters, I would not be here today," says Lancaster.

Lancaster was up around 4:00 Saturday morning in her Kees Road apartment. She says that's when Bynum walked in, took her to her bedroom, got on top of her and told her not to scream. She says he eventually cut her throat. "To be honest I didn't feel it at first. I didn't realize it until I saw my shirt covered in blood," remembers Lancaster.

Police picked up the suspect, Charles Bynum, and charged him with burglary and assault. "He cuts my throat and leaves me for dead and he's sitting in jail under 15,000 really?"

Lancaster believes the punishment doesn't fit the crime. She plans on showing up for Bynum's court appearance in hopes a judge will raise the his bond. For now, she's staying elsewhere with her boyfriend.


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