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Lee Cruse Live At SunriseHowdy viewers!

My mission has been to inform the community on various events and places that are happening around our lovely community. I get to meet the greatest people on the earth; Kentuckians! My adventures have taken me from handling snakes to receiving a facial. From talking with world dignitaries and celebrities, to wearing a tooth fairy outfit at the waffle house next to the bus station! You never know what may happen on LEX 18 News at Sunrise, heck I don't even know. I just know it should be fun, informative and entertaining otherwise why get up at this hour.

My favorite question that I have had asked of me from subjects I've interviewed, and it has happened on more than one occasion is. "When will this air?" I want to say why would we get up at this forsaken hour to tape it. But what I actually say is next Wednesday at 2:30am.

Below, you'll see the schedule for upcoming appearances, and be sure to come back to this page to see selected video of "Lee Cruse Live At Sunrise!"

See you live in the morning and take care

Lee Cruse

Schedule this week:


Monday, Oct.  27 - L.V. Harkness 

Tuesday, Oct 28 - Cheesecake Factory 

Wednesday, Oct 29 - Women's Hospital at St. Joseph East 

Thursday, Oct. 30 -  Holly Rood in Winchester Fundraiser for the property off Boone Avenue 

Friday, Oct. 31 -  Magician Mike Woodward














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