Alan Cutler

Hometown: Long Beach, NY
Years with station: 1981-1984, 1987-present
Current position: Sports Reporter/Anchor
Which newscasts: Any and all
Awards/Recognition you have received: Host of LEX 18 High School SportsZone, voted No. 1 sports program in Kentucky
Education: Degree from Cortland State
Hobbies and/or Interests: Yoga
Favorite book: "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill
What I like most about Lexington: It’s a great place to raise a family.
My most interesting assignment: Covering the last two NCAA Basketball Championships with UK

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After more than five years of bouncing around from small town to small town (West Kentucky, West Texas, and West Virginia), Kyle is excited to finally be in place he and his wife, Amanda, can call home -- and it's not far from his "hometown," either.

Kyle grew up in the northern Kentucky area and his goal since the start of his career was to get closer to home... an hour away isn't bad!
On top of that, he gets to cover the Wildcats! Although his dream of being able to dunk like Jeff Sheppard has yet to happen (still holding out hope), being a Sports Reporter, especially in Lexington, is truly a dream come true and a blessing he'll be forever grateful for.

Of course, Kyle looks forward to covering everything UK and The Kentucky Derby, but that's only a portion of what Lexington has to offer. If you have a story idea, whether it be in the Little Leagues or Senior Leagues, don't hesitate to let him know!

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