Anna Tarullo, Co-Host BBN Tonight

Anna Tarullo

Co-Host BBN Tonight

Anna Tarullo joins Keith Farmer as co-host for BBN Tonight in March 2021.

Anna Tarullo is originally from Louisville, Kentucky (and a lifelong Kentucky fan!). She comes to LEX 18 from WOWK in Charleston, WV where she was Sports Director. Prior to that, she worked as a sideline reporter in Washington DC, covering college football, college basketball, and professional sports. She is also a frequent contributor to ESPN 680 in Louisville.

Anna got her start behind the camera at Fox News Channel in New York City while still in college, working as a producer, and then spent a year covering the 2016 election with Fox in Washington DC. She graduated from the University of Georgia in 2015 (yet has never pulled for the Dawgs over the Cats and mostly refuses to wear red). A middle child, she was born and raised in Louisville, KY, attended Sacred Heart Academy, and knew she wanted to work in TV since she was 6 years old.

"I had to pinch myself. It's really a dream come true," Tarullo said upon learning she got the job. "It feels like it's more than a coincidence, with the timing working out, having an opportunity that's so tailored for me. My mom is so excited, and my dad is over the moon. He’s a big Kentucky watch buddy, whether on TV or in person (even though he's a Louisville grad, which I've forgiven him for.) This is not only a great chance to grow professionally, but to be around people I know, be around the team, and bring great content to the viewers – content that I care about. Top to bottom, this is a dream situation in so many ways. I have never been so excited for an opportunity!"

Anna inherited a lifelong love of basketball from a childhood of being coached year-round by her Dad and attending as many college basketball games and Final Fours as possible. She's dreamed of being a sportscaster since she was 12.

"When I went to Charleston (WV), I was just ready to put in the hard work," said Tarullo. "I am from Kentucky, but I've lived in New York, DC, and Georgia. That was an opportunity to put my head down and work on myself. In this industry, opportunities are hard to come by. I was just grateful for the chance to grow and be my best self. I never looked at West Virginia as a stepping stone, I just wanted to do great work and be an asset to the newsroom."

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