Sisters working to help support bartenders at local breweries during shutdown

Posted at 4:24 PM, Nov 26, 2020

As part of the Rebound Kentucky, LEX 18 wants to help you through this coronavirus pandemic. We want to help with ideas to pay the bills, help charities in need, and help manage the pressures that everyone is facing. People working here in the craft brewery business are a tight-knit group and they are banding together to help get through this crisis.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18) -- Katy and Kelsey Mattingly run an Instagram account dedicated to supporting local breweries.

"So as it develops, we've tried to really talk about diversity and inclusion in the craft beer industry, as well as promoting independent breweries and independent businesses and local businesses as well," Katy said.

The beer industry for the Mattingly sisters is a family affair. Their dad is the head brewer at Old Louisville Brewery.

"Several local breweries here in Lexington assisted him with opening up our own space, so he was able to brew behind the scenes, get information about finances and staffing and how just it works, creating this brewery business," Katy said.

When the pandemic shut down indoor dining once again, the pair made a GoFundMe page specifically for bartenders at 10 breweries. While the breweries are doing what they can, the Mattingly's say they want the bartenders to know they are supported.

"They're getting really creative in using, you know, curb-side pickup, online ordering, how can they expand their outdoor spaces and things like that," Kelsey said. "They've acknowledged that it's difficult, but they are also very resilient in wanting to push forward and do what's best for their bartenders and also their community."

The sisters say the GoFundMe page will be open until Dec. 22. Then the money will be distributed equally between the following 10 breweries:

  • West Sixth
  • Rock House
  • Blue Stallion
  • Ethereal
  • Wise Bird
  • Fusion
  • Pivot
  • Mirror Twin
  • Country Boy
  • Dreaming Creek (Richmond)