Taking a ride to Nostalgia Station

Posted at 7:49 PM, Dec 02, 2020

VERSAILES, Ky. (LEX 18) — LEX 18 wants to help you rebound from the effects of the pandemic.

That might include ideas to pay the bills, assist charities in need and manage the pressures everyone is facing.

Sometimes, especially in the holidays, you need a mental escape from reality. There's a place you can go in Versailles where you can step back in time to Christmas past.

"We're all about fun, and memories, that's why we call it Nostalgia Station," said Winfrey Adkins.

Adkins is the owner of Nostalgia Station Toy Museum in Versailles. The museum is contained inside an old train station along Depot Street.

"It was built in 1910. It's all wood. It's all been restored to its original look," said Adkins.

For Adkins, trains are a fascination that dates back to rides on the old rail to see his grandparents in La Grange.

"I just love to work on trains, I love to play with trains, I love to display trains, and it's just a fascination for me," said Adkins.

Nostalgia Station trains.jpg

His expansive display found a home at the old station in Versailles in 1987. Ever since then, Adkins has shared his collection with the world.

"To me, it's a fascination just to be with people and to watch the young children come in and watch these frames that run on our layouts and they just laugh and have the best time," said Adkins.

For the holidays, Adkins brings out his own Polar Express, inspired by the Christmas classic.

"And that's just part and parcel of Christmas time is having a train around your Christmas tree," said Adkins.

Those memories and depictions of Santa on a train lead to an increase of visitors every holiday season. But because of the pandemic, things are different inside.

Adkins is trying to promote safety. So masks are required, there's hand sanitizer, and calling-ahead is preferred to keep people socially distant.

"But we have seen a decline in both our retail sales and our train store, as well as in attendance in our museum," said Adkins.

Despite the slowdown, he says the trains will continue chugging. He welcomes anyone who wants to step back in time.

"Because people can think back to their childhood when they were little and all these things weren't going on. It kind of clears their mind, and let them know what things used to be like," said Adkins.

Nostalgia Station is located at 279 Depot St. in Versailes. You can reach them at 859-873-2497