The Rebound: 600 job openings at eastern KY call center

Posted at 11:15 AM, Jul 15, 2020

LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (LEX18) — One of the biggest employers in southeast Kentucky is hiring. Senture is looking for 600 more people to join their team after experiencing something of a business boom during the pandemic.

Senture President and CEO Chris Deaton is a true Kentuckian.

"I was born in Lexington, but we moved to London when I was two or three-years-old, so this is very much home for me," Deaton said with a smile.

Because of that, seeing his business thrive is more than just a financial victory; it is something he takes seriously as a way to help the area he loves.

"It's a great feeling to be this blessed, to be able to help so many people," Deaton said.

When the pandemic forced businesses to change daily operations, Deaton said they invested $500,000 to help transition to a work-from-home operation. He said they were able to send about 90% of their employees home, including most people from their eight call centers housed inside their 125,000 square foot headquarters in London.

"We knew it was important to get people to work from home, and we've been focused on trying to do that," Deaton explained.

Throughout the pandemic, they have experienced something that is almost unheard of: their business has grown. They have already hired 700 new employees, and now they are looking to add 600 more.

"We're actually doing state unemployment claims, and so we're doing those for three different states," Deaton said. "And we've been able to hire several hundred people as a result of that increased activity."

The interviews will mostly be conducted virtually, most positions start at $13.50/hour and up and have work-from-home capabilities. For those who work in the building, they are meeting all health guidelines and are outfitted with infrared temperature checks.

"To be able to employ somebody who is without a job, they want to work, they need to work and to be able to have that job opening for them is a great feeling," Deaton said.

With offices in London, Williamsburg, Monticello and Annville, Chris Deaton knows how important Senture is to the region. He is hopeful that by helping get more people to work the local economy will benefit as well. Ensuring the area weathers the pandemic and rebounds once and for all.

If you are interested in learning more about the jobs Senture is hiring for, or if you would like to apply head to