The Rebound: Lexington vintage shop creates safe shopping environment through creativity

Posted at 7:06 AM, Jul 17, 2020

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX18) — As coronavirus cases continue to spike, many people may be getting the itch to shop but want to do so safely. A Lexington vintage shop has found the perfect solution to help keep customers safe and also keep paying their bills.

Everywhere you look inside The Domestic, there is a hidden treasure.

"Everything from furniture to obviously rugs, we've got vintage vinyl and clothing, " said Candace Reichbach of The Domestic.

From nearly wall-to-wall shoppers can find just about anything imaginable to decorate their homes, accessorize their outfit, or just add a little flair to their life.

The vendor-based vintage shop shut its doors almost immediately due to COVID-19. They did a deep clean, and then just a couple days into being closed, they figured out how to keep going by turning to Instagram.

Reichbach explained, "We did our normal social media post, but then we also started with story sales. So we would walk through the store and show people what's in here."

From there, their daily Instagram story sales took off. Each day customers flocking to their feed to get a virtual, curated tour of their store. Customers send messages if they see something they want, pay via Venmo or over the phone, and then do curbside pick-up to retrieve their new wares.

"It was just this very minimal interaction way to kind of give people the opportunity to be in here without being in here, " Reichbach said of the sales.

The Domestic has continued the story sales with great success, and now they have added in-store shopping as well but by appointment only.

"They go on the website to get an appointment and have an hour to shop. That's just to keep down numbers, " shop owner Teige O'Brien explained.

Like so many, The Domestic has had to get creative, but they have found it inspiring to see the support from the community and reassuring that, in such trying times, they are getting something right for themselves, their vendors, and their customers.

"It takes one less worry off of our plates, " Reichbach said.

To learn more about The Domestic or to make an appointment to shop in-person visit:

To view their story sales follow them on Instagram at @_the_domestic