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'I've lost my car and everything': Unemployment limbo continues for some Kentuckians

Posted at 5:12 PM, Apr 05, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-05 19:07:26-04

(LEX 18) — Randall Plowman, Karrie Barber and Suzanne Epperson are three people in different areas of the state with three different unemployment stories.

"I've lost my car and everything," said Barber who lives in Knox County. "Me too," said Plowman from his Campbell County home.

Every case stands alone with some people hurting more financially than others.

"I'm thankful I have a pension I draw, so my circumstances are a little different," said Epperson of Grant County who retired from the state last August after working 28 years. She immediately picked up a part-time job only to lose it six months later. "I did count on my part-time work income to take care of bills."

Currently, all three are experiencing the same issue trying to collect unemployment. They say they're stuck in "fact-finding" mode and they don't know why. They're not alone. Many unemployed Kentuckians have emailed LEX 18 confused about what that means.

"I've been collecting unemployment and suddenly mine went to under investigation then to fact-finding," said Plowman who told us he's missing six unemployment checks. "If it wasn't for my stimulus check I wouldn't be caught up on my rent."

Kentucky recently unveiled a new unemployment website to make it more "user friendly." Some waiting on their claims were perplexed like Plowman when their claims went from "under investigation" to "fact-finding."

Amy Cubbage, General Counsel to Gov. Andy Beshear, addressed why some Kentuckians may see "fact-finding" instead of "under investigation."

"It was an intentional terminology change because 'under investigation' can imply you've done something wrong," Cubbage said.

Despite the change, Plowman, Epperson, and Barber are still waiting for their benefits to kick in.

"I would like to see a check, I really would be tickled to death," said Barber. "I would be too," agreed Plowman.

If you need any help with getting your unemployment claim processed, email us your full name, the last four digits of your social security number, your address, and the date you filed your claim to