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6-year-old impersonates Black history's famous figures

This 6-year-old makes educational videos impersonating famous Black women.
Rosie White
Posted at 3:27 PM, Feb 14, 2022

At an age where kids are starting to learn the basics of reading and writing, Rosie White is giving history lessons of trailblazers past and present that look like her, from music royalty to African American politicians who have made history.

The six-year-old from Michigan makes educational videos impersonating famous Black women year-round and puts them on social media.

For Black History Month this year, Rosie is putting a spotlight on Black inventors whose contributions to American history often go unnoticed.

Everything from Rosie's makeup to wigs and costumes capture the essence of the inventors, entertainers, sports legends and entrepreneurs she portrays. 

And Rosie's work has not gone unnoticed.

Many of the people Rosie has impersonated have seen her work, and have even responded. 

Rosie's even been honored by Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer for being an outstanding Michigander in her age group.

This story was first reported by Maura Sirianni at Newsy.