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A Koala Snuck Into A Man’s Car In Australia To Cool Of With The Air Conditioner

A Koala Snuck Into A Man’s Car In Australia To Cool Of With The Air Conditioner
Posted at 8:17 AM, Jul 31, 2019

When the heat of summer hits, the urge to find somewhere to cool off can be strong. Some of us go for a dip in the pool or pack the car for a trip to the beach. Other times, all we can do is duck into someplace with air conditioning. After all, sometimes you just need a little respite from the heat.

Many of us are experiencing our hottest temperatures of the year now. In Australia, summer took place earlier this year, and it was just as steamy. In fact, this past March, a koala who was clearly determined to beat the heat ended up in a man’s car so he could enjoy the air conditioning.

Tim Whitrow was visiting a vineyard in the south of Australia. He left his car door open so that his dog could go in and out as she pleased, cooling off in the A/C when necessary. He didn’t expect that another visitor would make his way in as well.

Whitrow captured some hilarious shots of a koala attempting to cool off, which he posted to his Facebook page. His cheeky post went viral and has since amassed more than 6,000 shares:

“After an already crazy week, this happened today,” he wrote. “Checking on fruit today in the New Alluca Wine vineyard I had left my door open for my dog to come in and out as she pleased with the A/C on. As I was moving to another part of the vineyard, I noticed that someone else was also in the car enjoying the A/C.”

Too funny! Hey, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

“It took a fair bit of convincing to get the feisty little fella out,” he added.

In one of the videos, he even offers the koala some water from a bottle, but it does not make him budge. Although the animal seems fairly friendly and calm, he does swat at Whitrow when he tries to move him a little more forcefully. The koala even climbs up on the dashboard in an attempt to remain in the car! Eventually, Whitrow is able to pull him off the dash, at which point the koala finally exits the vehicle and scampers away.

Lesson learned — never come between a koala and his A/C!

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