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"Up and down" forecast this week
Posted at 4:55 PM, Aug 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-12 17:46:57-04

Things are mostly calm and quiet outside. It’s certainly hot out there, as temperatures reside in the middle or upper 80s. Humidity is on the rise, thanks to a shifting wind direction. Still, dew points sit in the low to middle 60s. A few minor showers are present on the MaxTrack.

Things are about to “heat up,” both literally and figuratively in the weather department. We’re watching a warm front near and it will ramp temperatures up into the low to mid-90s along with adding enough moisture to make it feel more like the low 100s. Along with the heat and humidity, will be an increase in storm chance for the middle of the week. A dying complex will turn some showers and storms in the mid-morning hours tomorrow. The better chance for rain and storms will be in the afternoon round of thunderstorms that pop-up along the cold front boundary. The heating, fuel, and instability expected will give the storms a chance to become strong. Strong to damaging wind gusts, hail, torrential rain, and lightning are all threats possible. Storms will start to wane Wednesday, as temperatures cool and drier air moves in. We will heat back up with plenty of humidity, this weekend.