Amazon Will Deliver A Tiny House Right To Your Door

Amazon Will Deliver A Tiny House Right To Your Door
Posted at 9:46 AM, Oct 11, 2017
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These days, it seems like Amazon will deliver anything. From liquor to food to everything you need for a beautiful wedding, the online retailer appears determined to make almost anything you can imagine deliverable.

One such production addition? An actual house. Yep, you can order a pre-fabricated tiny home off of Amazon.

The 320-square-foot homes are manufactured by MODS International and according to the product description, they’re made from a brand-new shipping container.


Although the homes are on the small side — they are a tiny house, after all — each one comes equipped with a bedroom, shower, toilet, sink, a small kitchenette and a living area. The listed price of $36,000 includes kitchen appliances. It comes with heating and air conditioning.

Unfortunately, your new tiny house is not available for Prime shipping. Instead, a flat fee of $4,500 is required for freight shipping to anywhere in the contiguous United States. Plus, assembly is not included. You’ll need to set that up with a third party.

The tiny houses arrive prefabricated and fully finished, and the manufacturer says the unit can be placed on either concrete sonotube footings or a solid concrete slab.


So far, the product only has seven customer reviews on Amazon, which point out both positives and negatives.

“I run an ocean shipping liner and built several offices and homes from 20′ and 40′ containers,” reads one review. “This one is excellent. Just a good empty containers costs about $10K and $30 plus isn’t much at all. You can move anywhere.”

Another reviewer suggested the tiny house would be an ideal hunting cabin (although we suppose that would require Amazon to deliver it deep into the woods).

“I have my eye on one for a hunting cabin in a very remote location where it is hard to haul in all the materials and erect it on site. This approach is comparable to stick construction but has superior security,” says another review.

Amazon’s shipping container home is somewhat bare-bones when it comes to interior design. This bedroom, for example, reminds us of an underground Armageddon bunker.


While that may be well and good for a hunting cabin, if you’re looking for something a little more chic, there’s no reason you couldn’t doll up the interior on your own.

And look no further than this adorable tiny house in Texas as inspiration. “Rustic Retreat” seems to be the perfect name for this tiny home.

Shipping container homes are starting to become more popular nationwide.

Backcountry Containers, which built the Rustic Retreat, has their own reality show, “Container Homes,” for the DIY/HGTV Network. Here’s one of their homes, which was previously aired on the network, on “Tiny House, Big Living.”

Though HGTV had featured tiny homes on air before, “Container Homes” is all about the container homes the company creates.

Not only are shipping containers durable — built as they are to withstand rough conditions, such as being stacked on top of each other — but they’re also leak-proof. What’s not to love?


Not only are these a great idea for those looking to embrace the tiny house movement for their primary home, but they’d make for a great guest house in the backyard, a cabin on a piece of property or even a “granny pod” for aging parents to have a place to be independent while remaining close to your home.

What do you think? Would you give a shipping container home a try?

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Did you know shipping containers can also be turned into pools?

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