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Boston Terrier Was Finally Adopted After Being Passed Over For Her Rare Blue Eyes

Boston Terrier Was Finally Adopted After Being Passed Over For Her Rare Blue Eyes
Posted at 10:40 AM, Aug 02, 2021

The internet is filled with adorable pet videos. Sometimes they are funny, like the time Rajah the dog came home in the middle of the night and rang the doorbell to get inside. But other times, these viral pet videos tug at the heartstrings, like a recent one from a veterinary nurse who adopted a dog that couldn’t find a home for the most unexpected reason: her gorgeous eye color.

Tess Nolan, age 26, of Australia, shared a video on TikTok about darling Daphne, a beautiful Boston terrier who got passed up for adoption over and over just for having blue eyes.

“People thought she was weird because of her blue eyes,” Nolan shared on her video, which has nearly 10,000 likes so far. “They thought she would have health issues or she would go blind.”

One look at this good girl and our hearts just melted.

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According to the Boston Terrier Society, this breed typically has brown eyes, and that is considered the standard by the Boston Terrier Club of America. However, sometimes a Boston Terrier has one or two blue eyes, due to a genetic abnormality. This trait can sometimes indicate the dog has more of a risk for blindness or deafness in the future.


However, Nolan assured viewers that Daphne is in perfect health now and “the sweetest dog I’ve ever met.”

At first, Nolan wasn’t looking for a dog for herself. She told NBC’s “Today” she planned to find a dog for her brother. But, then she spotted a tiny, unusual puppy when she went to a breeder.

“When I got there, there was this puppy, weird white blue eyes, half the size of her brother, I asked the breeder, ‘What is that?!’ And the breeder told me that she was the runt of the litter that no one had wanted to adopt her,” Nolan shared in an email to “Today.” “Everyone had said they found her eyes scary or ugly and thought she may go blind or have issues as she grew. The breeder had come to terms with the fact that they would keep her as no one wanted her. I explained to the breeder I was a vet nurse and I honestly love the unique ones and I would love to have her.”

Now, Noland and Daphne go everywhere together, from work to the beach. You can follow the pair’s adventures on Nolan’s TikTok account and her YouTube channel, where the busy nurse shares videos of typical days on the job and Daphne makes cameo appearances. She also has an Instagram account where Daphne, the dog no one wanted, is often the star of the show. Nolan and Daphne are on Facebook, too.

Having a celebrity dog has its challenges, especially with all the questions from commenters about Daphne’s eyes.

“People on TikTok respond in very different ways to Daphne,” Nolan told “Today.” “Some laugh at her tongue and I always get asked, ‘What’s wrong with her?’ I always tell people she is fine, she is just unique.”

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