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Build-A-Bear Has A New ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ Collection

Posted at 9:35 AM, Sep 10, 2019

Build-A-Bear has created cute but somehow still creepy-quirky teddy bear versions of Jack Skellington and Sally from “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” If you love your Halloween-Christmas fusion films, you’re going to want to go to the Build-A-Bear website and grab one — but Jack is sold out at press time.

Tim Burton’s 1993 movie follows Jack Skellington, Pumpkin King of Halloween Town, who accidentally crosses dimensions to Christmas Town and decides he wants to bring Christmas to his world. His love interest, Sally, sticks with him through his many blunders. Build-A-Bear recently announced the availability of the plush characters on their Instagram page.


The Jack Skellington bear with his black and white tuxedo and stylish bowtie is already out of stock (let’s hope they restock him soon) but can be seen online. His fully-outfitted self with “This Is Halloween” music and clothes costs $55. You also have the option to purchase him unclothed for $29. Separately, his outfit costs $18 and the music chip is $8, but these products are unavailable at the moment.

Sally the ragdoll bear with “Sally’s Song” music and her colorful stitched dress costs $53 as a bundle. You also have the option to buy just the bear for $29, her dress for $16 and her music chip for $8. She’s out of stock now as well, unfortunately!

Both dolls have nice details on their paws and feet. Important to note: You can only order these Build-A-Bears online. Now if they only had a Zero the dog Build-A-Bear!

The online stuffed animal emporium also has many other Halloween options you can purchase. Check out this Candy Corn Unicorn Halloween Gift Set option for $50.50, for instance. Ride ’em, candy corn!


Or get this Pumpkin Glow Bear Gift Set with a light-up pumpkin-head bear in a dapper pumpkin tux, on sale for $47.90. He’s definitely got a Jack Skellington vibe.


Need to feed your “Nightmare” love even more? Target recently came out with a new collection of kitchenware themed after the movie.

Check out the Seven20 Official Nightmare Before Christmas Salt & Pepper Shakers. These can be yours for $19.99, if you’d like to make your kitchen a quirkier place.


Disney also has an officially sanctioned shop chock full of things that will make you start humming “This Is Halloween.” It includes clothing, holiday ornaments, Mickey Mouse ears and games, too.

We think this Jack Skellington Cookie Jar, for example, is perfect for any of the holidays coming up. It costs $34.95.


Or how about themed luggage, so you can take your love of Jack and Sally and friends pretty much everywhere? The Nightmare Before Christmas Rolling Luggage – Small is super-cute and costs $64.99.


And if you’re still thinking you need Zero the ghost dog to go with your Jack and Sally Build-A-Bears, the ShopDisney site has this cute Zero Plus — Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas – Mini Bean Bag for $9.95.


You can also check out these awesome party decoration ideas centering around “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” in case you have a Halloween party in mind.

We’ve got such great options for showing off how much we adore this movie! Will you be haunting Build-A-Bear’s site in hopes of scoring the Jack and Sally bears when they return? We can only hope they come back soon.

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