Bullitt County church continues in-person services despite governor’s orders

Posted at 10:06 PM, Apr 19, 2020
and last updated 2020-04-20 00:05:04-04

BULLITT COUNTY, Ky. (LEX 18/WAVE 3) — A Bullitt County church is still refusing to close its doors despite the governor's ban on mass gatherings, and orders for members to quarantine after their Easter Sunday service.

On Sunday, April 19th, service was held as usual at Maryville Baptist Church.

The biggest change from the previous Sunday was that fact there weren’t as many cars in the parking lot.

On Easter Sunday, Kentucky State Police recorded and reported license plates, and placed quarantine notices on windshields.

Still some members came out to Maryville Baptist Church to attend yet another in-person service.

Orange traffic cones were put in every other parking space to enforce distancing.

People like Tony and his family, who all walked in wearing masks and walked out without them, said attending is ultimately their choice.

“It is our own preferences,” Tony, Maryville Baptist Church attendee, said. “We have freedom to do what we prefer.”

Maryville Baptist Church filed for a restraining order against Governor Andy Beshear to prevent law enforcement from showing up at in-person services.

A judge denied that order on Saturday, saying the governor’s order to prevent mass gatherings was not discriminating against religious groups.

“It’s all in the first amendment to the constitution,” Pastor Dr. Jack Roberts, said. “You don’t stand out there without that protection. If you got that protection, we should have. You can’t divide that first amendment up.”

Pastor Jack Roberts went on to say the rules are being followed. He said this feels like a personal vendetta against him from Governor Beshear, and politics are playing a part in what should be a constitutional right.

When asked if he would close the doors to follow state guidelines:

“It wouldn’t satisfy me,” Pastor Roberts said. “I never ask folks to come in. Folks that were outside today, I didn’t ask them get out of your car come in, folks watching at home I didn’t ask them to come on over to church. The doors are open if [you] want to come in.”

Kentucky State Police were not stationed at the church on Sunday morning.