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Mini M&Ms Popcorn Is The Ultimate Sweet And Salty Snack

Posted at 8:00 AM, Jul 31, 2020

If you have a hard time deciding between a snack that’s sweet or salty, say hello to your new favorite treat: M&M’s Minis popcorn!

The sweet and salty treat from Snack Pop features popcorn drizzled with chocolate, then coated in mini M&M’s. Just like a package of M&Ms, the limited-edition popcorn is colorful with green, red, brown, blue, orange and yellow candies.

You can order Candy Pop Popcorn M&M’s Mini in two-count or eight-count 5.25-ounce bags from Snack Pop’s website for either $7.98 or $29.99, respectively. You can also find it in 1-oz. bags at Sam’s Club as part of a variety pack that also includes two other Candy Pop Popcorn flavors: Snickers and Twix.

The Sam’s Club box includes 16 1-oz. bags and costs $9.98, or about 60 cents per bag, so they would be a perfect mid-day snack or even to hand out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween (assuming we have them this year!). You will need a Sam’s Club membership if you want to buy the variety pack, so if you don’t have one, you’ll want to order directly from Snack Pop instead.

Sam's Club

A Sam’s Club representative tells Simplemost the M&M’s Minis popcorn will also be available there in 20-oz. bags this fall if you’d rather wait and pick up a bigger bag of just this flavor on your next shopping trip.

As mentioned, Snack Pop also makes a handful of other candy-inspired popcorn types, including Snickers, Butterfinger and Twix.

The lightly seasoned Snickers popcorn is drizzled with caramel and then covered with ground-up Snickers candy and nuts. If Butterfinger is your favorite candy, that popcorn is coated in Butterfinger candy pieces and then drizzled with peanut butter. The Twix flavor is coated with Twix pieces and drizzled with chocolate and caramel.

You can buy all three flavors from Snack Pop’s website in 5.25-ounce bags, while the Butterfinger flavor is also available in 20-ounce bags.

Snack Pop

If cookies are more your thing, you’ll also find Oreo and Chips Ahoy! popcorn as part of Snack Pop’s Cookie Pop Popcorn line.

The Oreo flavor is covered in crushed Oreos and drizzled with actual Oreo creme filling, while the Chips Ahoy! flavor is drizzled with chocolate and coated with chocolate chip cookies.

Sam's Club

If you’d rather make your own fun popcorn for at-home movie nights, there are plenty of recipes online and they’re all pretty simple.

If you like things salty, this recipe from Cookies and Cups for salted caramel popcorn combines butter, corn syrup, brown sugar and salt. If you prefer chocolate flavors, this Moose Munch from Baking A Moment merges caramel with white and dark chocolate.


Do you like plain popcorn or are you a fan of jazzing it up for an extra special treat?

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