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These chilled wine tumblers are ideal for summertime sipping

These Chilled Wine Tumblers Are Ideal For Summertime Sipping
Posted at 11:15 AM, Jun 30, 2022

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Whites, rosés and sparkling wines are best served cold and meant to be slowly sipped and savored. The problem is that certain wines warm up when enjoyed leisurely, especially if you’re drinking them outside on hot days. Having an insulated wine tumbler can keep your white wine or rosé at the ideal temperature. While experts’ opinions vary by a few degrees, generally speaking, whites do best between 49-55 degrees, while reds are preferably served between 62-68 degrees.

This is why a tumbler built specifically for wine can be an essential in your cabinet.

set of insulated wine tumblers

Wine tumblers offer an excellent, affordable solution to keeping your poured wine cold for longer. They are more insulated than traditional wine glasses and are shatterproof. They also come with lids to keep bugs from taking a swim in your chardonnay. We recently found a set on Amazon that comes highly rated, at 4.4 out of 5 stars from more than 1,000 users, and is available in several colors for less than $30 a pair.

Host Cooling Wine Freeze Cup with Lid (Set of 2) 

BPA-free Wine Tumblers

This set of two 8.5-ounce stemless wine tumblers with lids allows you to sip wine at their ideal serving temperature and comes in hues including coral, gray, blue and mint. And if you’re not a wine drinker, these tumblers can still be used for any cold drink you like to enjoy in the summer.

For whites or rosés, you will ideally want to freeze the tumblers for two hours before pouring. (There’s a freezable gel in the bottom of the container.) For reds, you’ll want to use the fridge to cool the mugs down for the same amount of time. They’re free of bisphenol A chemicals and suited for outdoor use. There’s even a silicone band around the insulated cup that makes each tumbler easier to hold on to and keeps your hands from getting cold even while drinking your ultra-chilled wine.

One reviewer called the design of these a “genius concept” and said, “My wife and I decided to sample wines on the weekends. We really like cold wine so I decided to try this product. We are now spoiled and can’t enjoy wine without our cooling cups. We sip and it stays ice cold.” Another reviewer claimed they are nice for drinking while sitting in the pool or hot tub.

Blue Wine tumbler with lid

Other wine tumblers are available on Amazon, but many are stainless steel and pricier, like the Yeti Rambler, which costs $25 for one, or the Simple Modern Gift Set, which includes two tumblers and a vacuum-insulated bottle for $45. Having a glass of wine that stays cold makes outdoor activities on sweltering days more bearable. This set could also make a fun gift for the wine lover in your life.

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