Church holds extra services to ensure social distancing

Posted at 11:24 PM, May 23, 2020

FRANKFORT, Ky. (LEX 18) — It's been about 10 weeks since Buck Run Baptist Church has held in-person services.

After service on March 8, they turned to online services to follow Governor Beshear's request.

"I'm happy we're coming back together, but I have no illusions it's not going to be normal, it's not going to look normal," says Pastor Hershael York.

They have undergone many changes, this is the first time they have ever held a service on a Saturday. Usually, around 800 people gather for one service on Sunday's but in order to practice social distancing they are holding three different services, spread out from Saturday to Sunday.

Face masks were also worn, and families were spaced out. Families could make their reservations online to ensure a safe number of people were in the church at a time.

The church also trained about 20 volunteers to help clean between services. All of them will have their temperatures check as they arrive. Jennifer Whittaker is one of those volunteers who says this experience has taught her to never take for granted being in church again, "I'm thrilled, we did a training so all of us would know what we are supposed to do when everyone pulls into the parking lot, and at that training, the excitement was like Santa was coming we were so excited," says Whittaker.

Of course, Pastor York says he wants everyone to be safe, and will still be streaming the services online, and encourages his congregation to do what makes them feel safe.