Church in Livingston damaged in storm

Souls Harbor Holiness served food to thousands after major flooding
Posted at 4:51 PM, Jun 28, 2019

LIVINGSTON COUNTY, Ky. (WPSD) — Over the past 14 years, a Western Kentucky church has served thousands of people whenever there was a crisis, but now they are the ones in need of help.

Souls Harbor Holiness served food to anyone who came through their doors. Church member Cindy Lane cooked for prisoners, state officials, and crew workers alike in the church’s kitchen during major flooding.

Livingston County Emergency Management Director Daniel Newcomb says that the church’s generosity was unmatched during emergencies. Now, they’re cleaning up what remains of the church after the storms over the weekend tore off half their roof.

“They’ve always been there for us, and it’s our turn to be there for them so, we’re going to do everything we can to be able to pull together and get them back to where they were before we had any of this happen,” said Newcomb.

The church’s pastor says that not much can be done to save the building.

“We know that God is in control and from this point on, you know, we are just gonna try and let Him lead and guide us to what we are supposed to do, and how we are supposed to do it,” said Pastor Shawn Stephens.

Lane told WPSD that it was never the walls of the church that made it special, it was the people. So even though the church may have to move, Lane says she knows the people will follow them wherever they go.

The community has already donated supplies and their time to take down the building and clean up debris.

The church is now looking for a place to hold services on Sundays.