Cincinnati Zoo: Baby hippo Fritz will be in his habitat for all to see beginning today

Fritz the hippo
Posted at 11:46 AM, Aug 18, 2022

CINCINNATI — Starting Friday, Cincinnati Zoo-goers could have a chance to see baby hippo Fritz in Hippo Cove.

Fritz still isn't ready to meet big sister Fiona or father Tucker, but the Cincinnati Zoo said Bibi's bouncing baby boy will rotate time in Hippo Cove with his mother while the exhibit is open to the public.

Because of the rotation, visitors may be able to catch a glimpse of the bloat's newest member, or they'll be able to see beloved Fiona instead.

"Fritz has navigated the deepest part of the pool and Bibi has demonstrated that she will keep him safe," said Christina Gorsuch, Cincinnati Zoo's director of animal care. "They were unphased when staff came to get their first glimpse of the baby and we're confident that they're ready for their public debut."

On Thursday, media were allowed to meet Fritz for the first time in person.

The zoo said Fiona and Tucker have seen Fritz from a distance in the indoor habitat, but are not quite ready yet to meet him. Eventually, the zoo will slowly introduce Fiona to join Bibi and her new little brother and once the three of them have settled in together, Tucker will be able to rejoin and complete the family.

If you're like us and can't get enough of this guy, check out this video of little Fritz living his best life:

Fritz was born on August 3, a week and a half earlier than Bibi's estimated due date, but caretakers said a hippo's birth window could be 30 days before or after the estimated due date. His birth was a stark contrast to his big sister's, who was born six weeks premature.

On Wednesday, two weeks after he was born, Fritz already weighed more than 100 pounds; it took Fiona 8 weeks to reach that milestone, the zoo said.