Cold Valentine's Day

Snuggle with your sweetheart again tonight.
Posted at 5:41 PM, Feb 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 17:41:42-05

Happy Valentine's Day! Today was Lexington's coldest day of the winter (since December 1st.) The door to the Arctic was opened last night. Temperatures tumbled into the teens across the Bluegrass. Lexington officially recorded a low of 15°, which was the coldest reading since November's cold blast when the mercury dropped to 12°. The coldest wind chill this morning was 2°.

Some snow showers from Lake Michigan also wondered through during the morning hours. It was a very powdery, "dry" snow. One swipe of your snow brush took care of the snow on your car. Lexington picked up 0.2", bringing our winter snowfall total to an even 2". This is still one of the top 10 least snowy winters.

The morning snow showers were followed by plenty of afternoon sunshine. The sun didn't do much to warm things up. Southern Kentucky made it back to freezing. It was the 20s to the north. The 25° high in Lexington was 20 degrees below normal, and the coldest high of the winter.

You'll want to snuggle with your sweetheart again tonight. Once again we could challenge the coldest temperature of the winter. The freezer door will get slammed shut this weekend. Sunshine and a southerly breeze with help to warm temperatures back up.