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Georgetown teen completes challenge to mow 50 lawns for free

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Posted at 6:00 PM, May 24, 2023

GEORGETOWN, Ky. (LEX 18) — It’s that time of year when young men – and women – everywhere decide to take the old lawnmower and go out and make a few dollars over the summer. And two years ago, then-11-year-old Caleb Farrar of Georgetown joined the fray…though with mixed reaction from his would-be clients.

“Some of them wasn’t as happy as I had in my head," Caleb says. “I remember one of them I went to, I said ‘Hey, can I mow your lawn?’ and they were like ‘Why?’ and I was like ‘I can just do it for free.' She said ‘I can mow my own lawn.’ I was like OK and then she said ‘You know what? You can mow my lawn!’”

That’s right! Caleb has been mowing lawns…for free.

“There’s definitely a lot of grateful people and a lot of people who needed it. It’s definitely a good cause for the community.”

Caleb is now a veteran of “We Are Raising Men”, a non-profit launched in 2016, challenging young people across the country to mow 50 yards at no charge.

“To date, we have over 4,000 kids across the country taking part in this and we have kids in eight other countries as well," says founder Rodney Smith. “These kids, they’re stepping out of their comfort zone and beginning to meet people. I’ve heard so many stories about kids meeting World War II veterans and veterans from Vietnam and Korea and just really taking a liking to these veterans.

Caleb’s mother is impressed with the program as well as the impact Rodney had on Caleb.

“He would text Caleb all the time on my phone and tell him what a good job and just encouraging him, because you know, 30 lawns in, you’re tired. And he was such an encouragement and he drove all the way from Alabama to give my son his equipment," says Crystal Farrar.

When Caleb completed the 50-yard challenge earlier this month, Rodney gave him a brand-new mower, trimmer, and leaf blower.

Jennifer Celestino is a single mom who appreciated her “lawn hero” for coming to her aid.

“This is my absolute least favorite chore and the one that seems hardest for me to find the time to do and so I jumped at the chance to have him mow my yard," says Jennifer with a laugh.

“I think it was definitely a blessing to them," says Crystal. “So many single moms and elderly that couldn’t get out and do some of the yard work.”

Caleb admits it wasn’t easy. “It was definitely harder than I expected, 'cause when I first started I was like, you know, two months easy, knock it out real quick. But I definitely learned to have patience and don’t give up. But it was definitely cool to see the reactions of people I have done this for.”

If you want to sign up to volunteer in your area or to donate to help the cause, go to for more information.