Making A Difference: The “Bagstreet” Boys Are On A Mission

Posted at 6:21 PM, Mar 05, 2019

LEXINGTON, Ky. (LEX 18)- Some eighth-grade students from Lexington’s SCAPA are making plastic bags their bag.

They’re competing in a nationwide STEM contest and their goal is to reduce plastic bag usage in their community.  Their team’s name?

The Bagstreet Boys!

It’s the clever name the students gave themselves as they embark on their mission to clean up the environment by ridding their community of plastic bags.

“The world throws away one trillion plastic bags each year,” student Nora Mack told LEX 18.

They’re competing in the Lexus Eco Challenge and have advanced to the second round of the nationwide competition, netting them each $1,000.

They’ve collected more than 4,000 bags from SCAPA and the Lexington community and are turning those bags into…well…bags.

“So we’ll iron them and sew them and we’ll cut them and make a nice reusable plastic bag,” said Violet Ferguson.

The “Bagstreet Boys” are in the home stretch now. The contest ends next week with thousands of dollars on the line. Regardless of the outcome, they’re walking away knowing they made an impact on their community.

You can follow them on Instagram@bagstreetboys.