Making A Difference: Local artist donates oil painting to help adopt pets

Posted at 2:33 PM, Nov 01, 2019

A local artist has teamed up with the Danville-Boyle County Humane Society to offer one $500 oil painting a month of an animal up for adoption for the next six months.

79-year-old David Farmer has a talent and he also has a love for furry friends.

"I did a portrait of a dog for my son's family. And it came very popular on Facebook," said Farmer. "And it was very popular and people wanted on."

This month, Farmer decided to paint Rupert, a three-year-old hound mix. "Sometimes it's a while, this one took almost three hours," said Farmer.

"We're trying to generate some interest in the hard, somewhat hard to adopt animals," said Farmer. "You know, the ones that have been here a while."

Rupert is looking for a new home and whoever adopts him, will also receive Farmer's painting.

"He's built his confidence, he's built his manners," said Fizzy Ramsey, the Danville-Boyle County Humane Society board of directors president. "He's very respectful of dogs that don't want to play so he's not going to be a dominant-type dog. He's going to be a good family dog that might turn into an absolute couch potato!"

The hope is that Farmer's paintings will be an added incentive for pet lovers to adopt.

"Our adoption rates are higher than they've ever been before," said Ramsey. "In regards to our new adoption facility, social media pushes it as well as our new website."

To learn more about Rupert or other animals at the shelter, visit the Danville-Boyle County Humane Society or call (859) 238-1117.

To see their new website, click here.